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Exhibit for Sale - Rocks of the Bible by Harold Helmuth

This exhibit will be on display at the Decatur 60th Annual Gem & Mineral Show at the Macon County Fairgrounds. The study of the Rocks of the Bible and their meanings and uses in ancient times is an interesting and important subject. The rocks, minerals and gems were very important to ancient cultures of Biblical times, with many uses even then. How they were used and applied is a good way to illustrate the meaning and context of many stories of the Bible. There hasn't been much written on the subject. I spent many years researching and writing about this before completeing this exhibit.

This exhibit consists of 3 cases. The first case contains all the metals mentioned in the Bible along with their ores. It also contains some examples and explainations of their uses in the ancient time.

The second case contains all the minerals mentioned in the Bible, with notes to help the viewer undertand the context in which they are mentioned.

The third case contains ancient artifacts and representations of items mentioned in the Bible. It also contains items to remind us of stories and incidents that took place in the Bible, and helps us to understand the context of the story.

There are also items that could be included in a fourth case to compare the modern mineral and name to the ancient one.

Harold will be at the Gem and Mineral Show April 20-22, if you are interested in learning more about the exhibit please see him at the show, or call 217 273-2483.

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